Covid-19 & Global Control...

Climate - The Movie - This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science

Covid Vaccines are causing cancer at an alarming rate according to several studies. Several articles and videos.

Dr. William Makis: Universities Continue to Kill Their Students Via COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Six cases

Video: COVID Nurses Speak Out About Vaccine Injuries

Japan has just banned Covid mRNA shots for public use and called on other nations to follow suit after an official government study tied the injections to the nation’s soaring sudden deaths.

Greece is grappling with skyrocketing deaths among the country’s vaccinated population while birth rates continue to fall. All since 2021 when the Covid vaccine rollout began.

COVID Vaccines have caused at least 14,000% increase in Cancer Cases in the USA according to CDC

A world-renowned molecular geneticist has blown the whistle to warn the public that Covid mRNA vaccines were “designed” by globalist elites to “destroy humanity.”

1 in 4 mRNA injection recipients developed heart complications, a study from Saudi Arabia finds

All UK Airports will close by 2029 & Beef and Lamb will be banned for Human Consumption to meet Climate Scam Targets according to UK Gov. Report

German Government Admits There Was No Pandemic

Since 2021 deaths of children in Europe has risen significantly. The Covid Vaccine rollout began in 2021.

Perfectly Healthy 17-year-old Found Dead Beside His Bed 33 Days After Receiving His Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

WEF’s Net Zero Goals Could Kill 4+ Billion People

SHOCKING: USA has recorded over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the over 65’s since the FDA “approved” the COVID-19 Vaccine

Shot Dead the Movie: Heart-breaking Stories of Children Who Died After Receiving COVID-19 Shots

Doctors have begun to sound the alarm after soaring numbers of patients have developed deadly brain tumors after receiving Covid mRNA vaccines.

Propaganda has come back to Bite: Even the Royal Family can’t escape the Turbo Cancer being caused by COVID-19 Vaccines

Candace Owens refuses to be silenced by Powerful Jews and their lackeys

The Best Compilation on the web of Covid Vaccine Injury videos. At least over 20 million Americans and over 6 million in Europe were injured by the Covid Vaccines

In the USA over $3 billion has been paid to individuals and families who have suffered vaccine injury and death. How can that be if vaccines are safe? Read about the truth about Vaccines

A pro-vaccine doctor, who used social media to shame people who were not vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots, has died suddenly at just 43 years old. Dr. Vicky Jennings reportedly dropped dead after suffering a sudden heart attack.

US Navy Medic Shut Down for Releasing unclassified DOD Data Showing a 937% Increase in Heart Failure Among Vaccinated US Military Personnel

Big Pharma and Its Shills Are Having to Adjust their Covid Fiction to the Facts

Alarming Revelation: Government Data Unveils Astounding 143,233% Spike in Deadly Cancer Cases Tied to COVID Vaccines

What Was COVID Really About? Triggering A Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Debt Crisis.

WHO staff rape children and UN “peacekeepers” kill and injure civilians, yet they demand more control over our lives

Manchester Arena bomb blast. Richard D. Hall – A Travesty of Justice

I have never witnessed such harm as is caused by covid injections, cardiologist tells GMC

Best estimates are 585 million global citizens killed or injured from the covid-19 “vaccines”

Bank Failures Will Force People to Accept CBDC’s

Central bankers created the fake climate change agenda, and are entirely funding / controlling the advancement of the worldwide climate change ‘project’

People aged 18 to 39 in the UK who took more than 3 Covid Vaccines are 318% More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed Peers, Office for National Statistics Confirms

Soon there will be no Farms (It’s part of ‘Their Terrifying Plan’)

In every country that rolled out the covid vaccines all-cause mortality increased. Which means the vaccines were killing large numbers of people.

Carbon Dioxide Climate Hoax: CO2 is essential to all life on Earth.

British Prime Minister Confronted Over COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries on Live Television

Shocking data released by the UK Government shows that over the past two years, the vaccinated population in England have suffered an outrageous number of deaths compared to the unvaccinated population

Farmers protests are spreading across the world; people are waking up to the fact that the war on farming is not a coincidence. Agenda 2030?

"Global warming is phony science that was concocted to justify implementation of an international political agenda. The idea of a carbon footprint is pathetic and ludicrous propaganda, since CO2 is beneficial for life" - Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography at California State University

The UN has been quietly gestating and building power for decades and, through agreements such as Agenda 2030, has become a sovereign power unto itself.

Why is the U.K Government Paying Farmers to Stop Farming?

The Explosive Link Between COVID Vaccines and Increased Cancer Rates in Children & Young Adults

Italian Police Unions Sound Alarm Over Surge in Officer Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination

Did you know that the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 that killed over 50 million was not actually a Flu but a Bacterial Pneumonia caused by Vaccines?

In 2014, Bill Gates claimed to have a safe vaccine against tetanus. In reality, it was a poison that made Kenyan women infertile. Millions of women lost any chance of having children. See the documentary Infertility a Diabolical Agenda

The number 22 and the Manchester Arena bombing

Pilots are dying Suddenly. How come airline pilots are dying suddenly but only after the rollout of the Covid vaccines in early 2021?

In a peer reviewed paper published in January 2024, researchers re-analysed the Pfizer covid “vaccine” phase 3 trial data and found more serious adverse events among those in the vaccine group.

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for an unprecedented shift in power and wealth distribution across the world and, as predicted, it was not to be a one-off event. A new contagion will likely be born in 2025, and media are already preparing us for it - Disease X

WEF and WHO threaten “Disease X” The Final Push for the Pandemic Treaty and Bill Gates “Final Solution.”

70% of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning in Mid-2021

Agenda to Depopulate the Planet Through COVID Vaccination. Revealed by Government Reports and Pfizer Documents and videos

40 Reasons there was NO Covid-19 Pandemic

The so-called covid pandemic “was a PCR-manufactured, 95% false-positive, 0.05% IFR fraud fake, ‘no asymptomatic spread’ lie of a pandemic; nothing else. All of this pandemic was a lie.”

Multiple covid injections could weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders, Thai corporate media reports

The United Nations healthcare agency — the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) — has given transgender activists a majority of the seats in a panel that is drafting healthcare policies for children.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano. A False Pandemic and The Imposition of A False Vaccine. A Criminal Plan of World Depopulation

A growing body of worldwide evidence has found an increased risk of heart problems in young people following covid vaccination.

Lockdowns killed three times more people than they saved says Prof. Angus Dalgleish

Doctors ‘baffled’ by unprecedented surge in cancers among young people under 50. Covid Vaccine?

Young Girls Around the World Dying from Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. First child death in 2024 is a girl in Europe, age 12-17, myocarditis. Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, etc.

Jews and Jewish groups are behind the loss of free speech in America

Canadian Government Admits 48,780 Excess Deaths in 2022 (17% Increase in Mortality). There Is No Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Saved a Single Life in Canada During 2021-2022

Experts Warn – WEF’s Net Zero Goals Will Kill 4+ Billion People. If we literally just stopped using fossil fuels, most likely six billion people would die within a year.

A pro-vaccine doctor who administered thousands of shots has decided to blow the whistle and alert the public about a “major cover up” of “devastating side effects” including cancer and cardiac arrest caused by the Covid mRNA injections.

New “smoking gun” analysis shows dramatic excess mortality rise linked to COVID-19 vaccines

Steve Kirsch: Over 10M people worldwide HAVE DIED from COVID-19 vaccines

Summer of Died Suddenly: Athletes and Retired Athletes - 88 Deaths May to Nov 2023

Censored – The Study That Shows a Staggering 17 Million Deaths After Covid Vaccine Rollout.

Agenda 2030 is the Global Cabal's plan to takeover and control all resources on the the earth including populations

Admin who oversaw New Zealand's CoVaxx database ARRESTED for leaking official numbers on high-mortality Covid 'vaccine' batches

Millions of people have been injured or killed by the Covid Vaccines

Are COVID Jab Deaths Being Covered Up?

UK health boss says no proof face masks ever worked against Covid

Net Zero will lead to the end of modern civilisation says Top Scientist

10 Ukraine truths never told by the Mainstream Media

The Hardtruth Files

The Truth about Covid-19 and World Events

Everything the governments and media around the world are telling you about Covid-19 and 9/11 is a lie and this can be backed up by scientific evidence.

Palestine & The Middle East...

Israel’s secret Nuclear weapons are a threat to world peace

The Israeli government is starving children to death in the Gaza Strip with its deliberate and systematic obstruction of food aid, Human Rights Watch

The secret history of Hamas. Israel created Hamas to stop any peace process with the Palestinians. Read the Corbett report.

Israel LIED about Flour Massacre: Report shows Israeli soldiers deliberately opened fire on starving Palestinians

Israel’s Killing of Aid Workers Is No Accident. It’s Part of the Plan to Destroy Gaza

Israel's version of what happened on October 7th is a lie. Watch Al Jazeera's investigation plus other videos

The US-Israel War Against Iran Will be the Beginning of the End of Western-Zionist Dominance in the Middle East

RAF Admits to Making 17 Military Flights to Israel Since Gaza Bombing Began

‘Beheaded Babies’ – How UK Media Reported Israel’s Fake News as Fact

Pre-emptive Nuclear War: The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran

Jews buy Power to influence the British Political System

Israel kills seven aid workers in three 'targeted' air strikes in Gaza. UK, Poland and Australia ask Israel to 'explain' how it killed World Central Kitchen workers

UK Govt lawyers say Israel in breach of international law in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes destroyed the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April, killing and injuring several Iranian diplomats

Al Shifa Hospital Is the Site of Death, Torture and Rape by the Israelis

At least 80 British nationals were serving in Israel’s military a month before October 7, the UK Foreign Office has confirmed.

UK refuses to say if Israel bombed British doctors with UK-supplied weaponry

Banning TikTok Is Not About Fighting China, It’s About Protecting Western Narratives and Israel’s War Crimes in the Middle East

The Case for Gaza Genocide by Israel

Expert Says Gaza Seaport is to Facilitate Mass Migration of Palestinians to Europe

How the ‘Fight Against Anti-Semitism’ Became a Shield for Israel’s Genocide.”

Britain’s collusion with Israel perpetuates the oppression and genocide against Palestinians.

Top Israeli commanders killed by the dozens in Gaza

Israel is selling Real Estate that they’ve stolen from Palestinians in synagogues across the world.

At least 27 Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip have died in Israeli custody since the start of the war in October

Israel and 911, an Orchestrated War in the Middle East?

The war on Gaza is also an Israeli drive to seize Palestinian gas reserves

1,000 Children Have Undergone Amputations Without Anaesthesia in Gaza

Israel lays siege to Gaza hospital as Rafah stares death in the face

Why does Israel target hospitals? If there is no place to treat the wounded and the sick, more Palestinians die. If your real target is the entire Palestinian population, this is an effective way to do it.

Outrageous — The Gaza Mass Murder Massacre of 12 February 2024

Israel’s Roles in Genocides, Dictatorships, and Repression Around the World

More than 800 government officials in the United States and Europe released a letter criticizing their countries’ leaders for providing unconditional military and diplomatic support to Israel as it inflicts disaster on Gaza’s population.

The United States and Europe Are Hell Bent on Sparking World War III

Israel has killed more people per day in its attack on Gaza than were killed daily in any other major conflict during the 21st century.

‘Powerful Israeli Lobby’ Blocking US Withdrawal from Iraq and Syria

Did you know that most U.K Conservative and Labour Members of Parliament are funded by Jewish groups or Jewish Billionaires. Jews buy power so that the governments will follow Israel's agenda. Iraq's WMD, Gaza Genocide etc..

BBC documentary on Western Death Squad in Yemen: Israeli Security Firm Hired by UAE Paid American Mercenaries to Carry Out Political Assassinations

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been questioned over an ITV News video which shows a civilian being shot dead while waving a white flag in Gaza

String of US and Israeli Assassinations Further Inflame the Middle East

The US Steals Syrian Oil, and the Kurds Sell It to Israel at a Discount in Erbil

Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let it Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

Israel’s Culture of Deceit and Lies by Chris Hedges a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist

‘Truly Shocking’: Daily Gaza Death Rate Shatters That of All Other 21st Century Wars. Israel's bombardment and invasion of Gaza have also killed more than 10,000 children in nearly 100 days

War on Gaza: Western Racism Laid the Foundations for This Genocide

Israel Goes to Court for the Crime of Genocide. The Biden Administration will lie, cheat and go to war to protect its “best friend”

South Africa Lists the Genocidal Acts Committed By Israeli Forces in Gaza.

Gaza Genocide Unmasked: South Africa's Closing Argument Against Israel for Genocide at the ICJ

Watch: 22-Minute Speech Details Israeli Officials’ Genocidal Statements at ICJ

The West Will Stand in the Dock Alongside Israel at the Genocide Court

100 Days of War in Gaza: More Than 23,000 Dead and a Society in Ruins. The magnitude of destruction since 7 October is unparalleled in comparison with any previous Israeli assault on the Palestinian territory

Watch the video about 7 October YouTube and the MSM would rather you didn't see

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters march in London

Sometimes you Reap what you Sow. War on Gaza: Fighting has ‘disabled’ 12,500 Israeli soldiers, estimates show.

Every U.S. Senator Takes Israel Lobbyist Money

Blood Money: The Top Ten USA Politicians Taking the Most Israel Lobby Cash.

The Evidence Israel Killed Its Own Citizens on 7 October

Revealed: A British charity gave over £1m to 'Israel's largest militia'

Apartheid Israel’s Terrorism Against Gaza. A Fascist Zionist Plot

Pro-Israel Propaganda-Lies vs. Reality

Israel Is Caught Lying Time and Again. And Yet We Never Learn

Israel is committing Genocide against the Palestinians

How Israel Uses an AI Genocide Program to Obliterate Gaza

People of the World: Stop the Israeli Murder in Gaza People of the World: Stop the Israeli Murder in Gaza: "They are killing our children"

Israel the Evil is wilfully bombing Gaza, Iran, Lebanon and Syria and hoping to draw the USA into a regional War were millions will die so that Israel can rule the Middle East

Hollywood Celebrities Now Support Palestine in Record Numbers

United Nations Reports Israeli Forces Are Carrying Out Mass Summary Executions in Gaza

Video: Gaza Fights for Freedom - 2019

This debut feature film by journalist Abby Martin began while reporting in Palestine, where she was denied entry into Gaza by the Israeli government on the accusation she was a “propagandist.” So Abby connected with a team of journalists in Gaza to produce the film through the blockaded border. It is a documentary about the historic Great March Of Return protests, which occurred every week from March 2018 until December 2019, but covers so much more. It tells the story of Gaza past and present, showing rare archival footage that explains the history never acknowledged by mass media. You hear from victims of the ongoing massacre, including journalists, medics and the family of internationally-acclaimed paramedic, Razan al-Najjar. At its core, ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’ is a thorough indictment of the Israeli military for war crimes with exclusive documentary evidence and a stunning cinematic portrayal of Palestinians' heroic resistance.

Below are some of the Youtube comments from people who have viewed the Video below:

“As an American Jew, I knew what was happening in Gaza to the Palestinians, but I did not know it would be that horrifying. Everyone must watch this documentary in order to truly see the horrible war crimes committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians”

“I am an American and have been looking for information about the plight of the Palestinians. I have never seen this on our news. The information I’ve found is beyond heartbreaking. My prayers are with the Palestinians”

“That is insanely graphic. Every American needs to see this documentary. I’m ashamed our citizens are so indifferent to the Palestinian struggle, blind to the propaganda, and proud to support such atrocities. This needs to end now.”

“What an eye opening documentary. After a month of research to explain to the Latin community why Palestinians are the victims here, this documentary is definitely the best source of info I’ve come across. I wish more people saw the this. I can’t believe we are letting Israel get away with this!”

Video: “The Worst Days in Gaza”these are the words of an extraordinary testimony by Lara Elborno, Palestinian journalist, talking directly from Gaza – with video illustrations – showing in a 4-minute video clip a reality that most of the west ignores, or wants to ignore.

Immigration Articles...

America Is Undergoing Genocide

Black on White crime in America

Media outlets blame innocent American VICTIM for being murdered by an illegal alien

EU Committee Passes Migration Pact Dubbed the “Soros Plan” – Will Result in Massive Wave of Migrants Storming the EU Borders

Students in Seattle Public School Told Love of Reading and Writing is ‘White Supremacy’

26 Black on White homicides that you won’t see in the media

Don’t you think it is strange that the world’s white ethnicities are prepared to commit lives and endless resources to protect the borders of Israel and Ukraine, but nothing to protect their own borders?

Texas continues to fight the Biden administration and assert its right to enforce its borders amid a record-setting influx of migrants

Thousands of Africans Flying to Central America Before Crossing Illegally into United States

Bedlam in Berlin as Police and Firefighters Attacked by Migrants with Projectiles

The ‘Diversity Is Strength’ Mantra Is Collapsing Across Europe

NGOs “carefully planned” mass migration INVASION of America, report reveals

Gaza and Muslim Immigration to Europe? Why are Jews so keen to import as many Muslims to Europe and USA as possible, and at the same time prepare the Gaza genocide?

Thoughts on Britain’s Rwanda Plan

Immigrant says Immigration is Destroying Canada

A declaration of war on Europe’ – Salvini says 6,000 migrants landing on Lampedusa in 1 day threatens to collapse Italian society

Figures from the Belgian Statistics Agency revealed that in 2021 the proportion of native Belgians had fallen to a mere 67.3% of the population (from 74.3% in 2011 and 81.8% in 2001). The collapse of native Belgians is real, drastic, and ongoing.

German media self-censors about foreign origins of 5 ‘Germans’ arrested for rape of young girl in Mallorca. They were Turkish Muslims living in Germany

Review: The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray

Jewish Power Articles...

The Primacy of Anti-Semitism. “The vast majority of social problems in America, in Europe, and in the West, are primarily (though not solely) due to Jewish manipulation and corruption” – Thomas Dalton PhD

Democracy Is an Ideal Government for Jewish Influence​

How Zionist Jews control the America President and the Political system in America- with money?

How Jews use money to influence the British Political system

Communism in China was created by the Jews of the West working with the Jews within Asia.

Jewish corruption in Ukraine. Fifty Jewish families own 80% of all wealth in Ukraine

Jews power in Russia

The Hidden Jewish Hand in the Destruction of White South Africa

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars

Atomic Bomb: Manhattan Project "An Entirely Jewish Affair"

Jewish Control of Banking

Central bankers created the fake climate change agenda, and are entirely funding / controlling the advancement of the worldwide climate change ‘project’

Cotton Plantations in America in the hands of Jews 1500 - 1800

Fear of the Jews and the Jewish God of Terror

Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel

Jews say Whites should give money to Blacks because of slavery

Out of 147 teams in the five major North American pro sports leagues, 46 are owned by people who identify as Jews or who have a Jewish parent.

Susan Rosenberg – a Jewish Communist, Terrorist – involved in funding and administration of BLM and who is identified as the "head" of the "Black Lives Matter Global Network

Why Do the Goyim Allow Jews to Control Everything?

If Osama bin Laden Didn’t Do 9/11, Then Who Did? 9/11 was an Israeli Job?

Israel and 9/11, an Orchestrated War in the Middle East?

Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?

Why Everything You Know About World War II Is Wrong

Hellstorm Documentary: What happened to Germany and her people, both during and after World War II, remains the greatest and darkest crime in world history

Harvest of Despair (Holodomor) - The 1933 Ukrainian Famine

The Holocaust: Fact or Fiction?

Holocaust Insights 2: Bergen-Belsen

Why do Jews receive billions in payments because of the Holocaust? Over 5 million Ukrainian Christians were murdered by Stalin in the Holodomor but received no payments from Russia

Writer Has Admitted Faking Her Holocaust Memoir. Has to pay publisher back $22 million

Why Are Jews So Influential?

USS Liberty: Did you know that in 1967 Israel attacked an American ship and killed 34 American sailors and the American government tried to cover it up?

Questioning the Holocaust. Everything that you should know about the Holocaust including articles, photos, videos and books.

Hitler's Numerous Peace Offers during WW2

The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization by Henry Makow (Jewish)

The Light...

Fed up with the covid lies and propaganda from mainstream media and government then download and read the Light.

Ukraine Articles...

Ukraine at ‘serious risk’ of collapse, ex-British general warns

Bombshell. Who Was Behind the Crocus City Hall Terrorists? Statement by Alexander Bortnikov, Director of Russia’s FSB

Ukraine's losses in the conflict with Russia should be counted "in the millions," the former chief of the Polish General Staff, Rajmund Andrzejczak, has claimed

How NATO powers are using the U.K.’s World War I model to lure Russia into the next big global war

Russia Says 6K Foreign Fighters Killed in Ukraine

Navalny’s Death – A Western-Instigated “False Flag”?

Alexei Navalny’s Death and Curious Well-Timed Coincidences

Did you know that in 2014 in Ukraine a violent coup took place instigated by the USA? Everything that you need to know about the Ukraine conflict.

Could Tucker’s interview with Putin save the world?

From 1991 to 2014, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service, the U.S. provided Ukraine with $4 billion in military assistance

The Mythical “Russian invasion of Europe”: UK Fantasizes About Defeating Russia While Its Military Falls Apart

Ukraine's top general fired for disobeying the US

Ten Inconvenient Truths About Ukraine Largely Ignored by the Media

The US Is the Major Instigator of the Ukraine Conflict. The Historical Facts

Look at how media around the world are lying about Ukraine. Look at the following examples…

The Jewish Corruption in Ukraine

How Jewish Is the War Against Russia? Let’s be honest about who is promoting it

The Jewish role in the Ukraine crisis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally sought a peace agreement with Ukraine in April 2022, according to Ambassador Aleksandr Chaly, a senior member of the Ukrainian delegation.

Boris Johnson Pressured Zelenskyy to Ditch Peace Talks with Russia: Ukrainian Paper

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Came to Power in Carefully Planned Operation Coordinated by Western Intelligence Services, Says Former U.S. Diplomat

Ukraine: Video: Zelensky: “I love cocaine; it gives me energy all day”. This guy is a disgrace and a Global Elite NATO puppet, trying to start WW3. Leader of a democracy my ass.

Vaccine Articles...

Since 2021 deaths of children in Europe has risen significantly. The Covid Vaccine rollout began in 2021.

16 Times More Deaths Among COVID Vaccinated Population - Official Data

VAERS data released April 2024 by the CDC and Prevention show 1,447,520 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 31,696 deaths and 263,462 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 21, 2022.

The Truth about Vaccination. Did you know that vaccines did not rid the world of Smallpox or Measles? These diseases disappeared as the result of sanitation, improved public water supplies and personal hygiene and increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables

The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Deaths. The Disturbing Parallels between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries : Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. The book challenges widely accepted views on vaccines, highlighting discrepancies between public health promises and actual outcomes, including the history of polio and smallpox vaccinations.

A comprehensive page with articles and videos on the injuries and deaths caused by the Covid-19 vaccines

The Facts Are Clear: Infectious Disease Deaths Declined Nearly 90% Before Vaccines Were Introduced

Doctors ‘baffled’ by unprecedented surge in cancers among young people under 50

The Big Pharma corporations were trusted to deliver a safe warp speed covid vaccine and yet they have been fined billions in courts for corrupt practices

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew the mRNA jabs caused heart attacks but hastily approved them anyway, according to newly released documents.

Increased Risk of Miscarriage After Injection Against SARS-CoV-2

Top cardiologist reports 47-fold increase in serious myocarditis post Covid vaccinations as he calls on GMC to investigate

How can ANYONE remain unconvinced of the dangers of the Covid Vaccines after seeing this list?

Childhood Vaccines cause Autism: The evidence and the institutional cover-up

Aluminium in vaccines is the major driver of the Autism Epidemic

Childhood Vaccines: HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) Injuries and Deaths of Young Girls

Childhood Vaccines: HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) Injuries and Deaths of Young Boys

HPV Vaccine Horrors: Murder and disability

Mother of 21-Year-Old Who Died after HPV Vaccine: Merck Filed False Report, CDC Failed to Investigate

Vaccine Injury and Death stories

The Hidden Truth about Vaccines; What Parents Are Not Being Told

Why vaccines spread disease and vaccine science is flawed

More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40.

The HIDDEN HISTORY of Vaccines and the Horrors of Toxin Accumulation

Many documentaries about vaccine dangers. Documentaries That Include 100’s Of Health Professionals Warning the Public about the Dangers of Vaccination

Neurologist Andrew Moulden Was Murdered for Exposing Vaccine Racket