Jewish Anti-White Books

​The Zionists and the Jews like to bring in so called 'Hate Speech' laws to stop criticisms of Israel or Jewish power. But isn't this Hate Speech?

Anti-whiteness is deeply embedded in academia and popular culture. It is not hard to find out that it is Jews who are behind the anti-white message?

​Now imagine what would happen if these writers where white Christians who were giving a anti-Jewish message and saying Jewishness must be eradicated?

​This is real Hate Speech but Jews are a protected class of people. Had any other people wrote these books charges of Hate Speech could have been brought against them in a court of law?

In Dying of Whiteness, Jewish psychiatrist Jonathan Metzl argues right-wing ideas are "enmeshed with white identity." He concludes White voters are hurting public health because of their unfavorable views on taxes, gun control, and welfare, so their identity must be abolished.

In White Like Me, Jewish activist Tim Wise laments his White privilege, although he is not White. He asserts a just society must "confront whiteness," which he simultaneously defines as a "social construct" and "a way of being." Whatever it is, Wise argues it must be abolished.

In Uprooting Racism, Jewish activist Paul Kivel provides a "practical guide for white people." How thoughtful! However, this text also describes "Whiteness" as a transient force ("a way of seeing the world") that must be "uprooted" and "dismantled."

In 1978, Jewish author Judy Katz wrote the "first systematic training program to address racism from a white perspective." She was the first to psychologize "whiteness," describing it as a "psychological prison that victimizes and oppresses" and popularized "racial sensitivity."

In White Lies: Myths of Whiteness, historian Maurice Berger describes his "own racial coming-of-age" as a (Jewish) man. The book reflects on the "nature of whiteness" and "destabilizes racial certainties" by deconstructing and rejecting "whiteness as a racial category."

In Angry White Men, Jewish sociologist Michael Kimmel decries the "aggrieved entitlement" and "pervasive anger" of white men. He blames many problems like domestic violence, social inequality, and violence in general explicitly on "White rage."

In The Possessive Investment in Whiteness, George Lipsitz, a Jewish professor and a leading scholar of Black Studies, argues that White people must "divest" from their racial identity because "white fear and failure are the sources for the development of ethnonationalism."

In Whiteshift, Jewish researcher Eric Kaufmann explores how the mass demographic replacement of White people will positively shape society. He contends that carefully managing such a dramatic change is crucial, or else the future minority won't be too happy (that's us).

In White Privilege, Jewish author Paula Rothenberg examines the "invisibility, ubiquity, and complexity" of Whiteness. The text draws strongly on her "personal experiences" (?) and urges the reader to dismantle the "racist systems" built by White people.

In Being White: Being Good, Jewish professor Barbara Applebaum "provokes introspection" by urging White people to confront their inherent "biases and privileges." She explores "the moral implications of whiteness" and argues for a "more just" approach to "White Supremacy."

Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity. For sixty years, Noel Ignatiev provided an unflinching account of "whiteness" - a social fiction and an unmitigated disaster for all working-class people.

​Listen to the Jew Ignatiev state 'there can be no white race'

As you can see, many scholars opining on the ills of Whiteness are in fact Jewish and are posing as “fellow Whites.” This is quite odd and should be called out because there’s nothing wrong with any race, especially the one that built Western civilization.

​Turns out, “Whiteness” is not the only normal condition these academics seek to deconstruct. The effort to stigmatize normal, healthy sexuality is also dominated by Jewish thinkers

​As we reflect on the fact that trannies now massacre our children, it's important to acknowledge the Jews who have played a significant role in inspiring these perversions. Here are ten key Jewish individuals who shaped the LGBT “movement”.