New Zealand Shooting

​The New Zealand Mosque shooting (2019) was used to demonise 'White' people as Supremacist racists and to bring in gun control laws in time for the Covid lockdowns

The evidence shown in these videos makes it almost certain that the Mosque shooting in New Zealand in 2019 was a staged false flag event with the intent of bringing in draconian gun laws in New Zealand just in time for the 2020 Covid-19 draconian lockdowns in New Zealand.

Just to recap. This is the official Christchurch shooting narrative:

"On 15 March 2019, two consecutive mass shootings occurred in a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The attacks, carried out by a lone gunman who entered both mosques during Friday prayer, began at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 1:40 pm and continued at the Linwood Islamic Centre at 1:52 pm. 51 people were killed and 40 were injured. The gunman, 28-year-old Brenton Harrison Tarrant from Grafton, New South Wales, Australia, was arrested after his vehicle was rammed by a police unit as he was driving to a third mosque in Ashburton".

The New Zealand government were lying as where the mainstream media.

Here lies part two of The Three Faced Terrorist, the truly incendiary, heavily censored investigation into the Christchurch mosque shootings on 15 March 2019, which the NWO really don’t want you to see.

The Video below was created by filmmaker Michael Bernica

Part one of the above video just shows the official 17 minute streamed video and the official narrative. The link to part one is below.

The video below by researcher Max Igan shows that there was someone communicating with the alleged terrorist and telling him where to go.

Christchurch Mosque Shooting - The Indisputable Facts

Also in the videos above the man shot in the door as Tarrant goes into the mosque clearly has no shoes on, he has bare feet. But on the way out of the mosque the same man has blue socks on his feet. Are we to believe that as the man lay dying he wanted to put on his socks before he died?

Inside the court the alleged terrorist is making a '6' sign with his hand. Who is he making the sign to?

“I am here and I say that I have a very strong suspicion that behind him there is a group and I am not afraid to say that I feel that the Mossad is behind this” referring to the killer and the Christchurch massacre. Ahmed Bhamji , president of the mosque Mount Roskill E Umar , the largest in New Zealand.

The best way for the government of New Zealand to take away the assault rifles so quickly was to stage a fake “shock and awe” event that was actually videoed to have maximum effect on the populace. However, the perpetrators made a lot of mistakes as usual.

The shooting took 17 minutes and 4 seconds long enough for the police to quickly find that the police station was only 2 kilometers away from the mosque, which marks question marks about the New Zealand authorities.

Right-wing terror events certainly aid the agenda of the globalist elites who, I believe, are executing a strategy of tension pitting Right against Left as well as the Right against Islam in order to beef up the security state across the Western world, as well as censor anti-globalist activism online. The target of this psyop is the normal everyday man and woman in the street, most of which don’t subscribe to any kind of extreme ideology. The idea is to make them believe that they are caught in the middle between extremists of all kinds, making them more open to tighter control measures within society. It is interesting to note that the Christchurch assailant apparently live streamed his massacre over the internet. This aspect of the narrative seems tailor made to play into the increasing internet censorship agenda we’ve seen over the past year or two. Right-wing terror also helps to demonize the concept of nationalism which is the opposite of globalism and the one world government. Those opposing the globalist New World Order program can look forward to being branded extremist as the agenda moves forward, and events such as this latest shooting will be cited as examples of why those who prefer nationalism over globalism are dangerous and hateful.

I’m sure there will be some idiots out there thinking that this latest terror event in New Zealand is a case of the Muslims getting a taste of their own medicine. Such people are completely caught up in the war on terror/clash of civilizations psyop. They deny the existence of false-flag terror and have well and truly fallen for the Jewish Zionists divide and conquer program. False-flags and other types of manipulated terror have been part of the deep state toolkit since at least the days of Operation Gladio and probably long before. Those who believe they are resisting the march of globalism by obsessing over Islam whilst ignoring manufactured terrorism have no idea about how they are being played by the real power brokers of the world which are the Jewish masonic bankers (Rothschilds) and high-level freemasonry.

If we talk about New Zealand, it is a peaceful country with a soft society living in harmony with the natural order. I also suspect that New Zealand was deliberately framed in this terrorist activity to punish New Zealanders who voted recently at the United Nations against the United States’ move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

But if one carefully and logically raises the question “who will benefit if there is more division and hatred among the Muslims and the Christian countries?” the answer is: The Zionists. With that being said, it must be clear to readers that not all “Jews” conform to the principles and the ideology of Zionism and not all “White People” in the world comply with the manifesto of “White Supremacists”. The current anarchy among the masses is the result of a global campaign based on “divide and conquer strategy” implemented by the Zionists for their New World Order to rule the world from Jerusalem.

According to my thesis, this terrorist act is part and parcel and a manifestation of the long planned master plan to divide the Christian and Muslim world to the advantage of the Zionists.

Former Mossad Agent Dissects the New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooting

In the video below Israeli connections to the Mosque shooting