What is in the Covid Vaccines?

​Did you know that there is scientific evidence that Nano Technology & Graphene Oxide are inside the Covid Vaccines?

Graphene Hydroxide and other Graphene variants are in fact being injected into people by governments and Big Pharma

This evidence was discovered and proven numerous times already by independent research teams, scientists, Biotech whistleblowers and the few ethical Journalists remaining

There’s a concerted effort by the pharmaceutical cartel funded “fact checkers,” Big Tech platforms and mainstream media, to hide the evidence and slander the people bringing this to light.

We look at various studies that have attempted to find out what is really inside the COVID jabs and discover what the true purpose may be. Below are two videos featuring Dr. Robin Wakeling, who has, independently, been trying to figure out the jabs purpose.

He too has found rectangular and right angled structures and 'wires', which he shows are not normal crystals. A self assembly process is occurring after the material is injected into the individual. Disturbing effects on blood cells observed by Dr. Wakeling accounts for the many adverse reactions that have been observed. We must not lose sight of the importance of this issue, because according to the official figures, two thirds of the world's population now have this technology inside their bodies.

70% of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning in Mid-2021

In a recent survey of 269 embalmers across four major countries and three continents, more than 70% reported finding strange fibrous white blood clots in significant percentages of corpses in 2023 — clots they were not finding pre-pandemic.

A similar survey conducted in late 2022 revealed that 66% of embalmers began finding the unusual clots in mid-2021, suggesting a temporal link to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, which began earlier that year.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, the creator of the surveys, former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland, said he conceived of the project after he watched the documentary, “Died Suddenly,” where embalmers reported observing unprecedented fibrous masses clogging arteries.

Richard Hirschman, one of the embalmers featured in the documentary, also spoke with The Defender.

“In my first 20 years of experience, I’d never seen clots like these. And we’re seeing them in arteries as well as veins,” Hirschman said.


26 Studies show Undisclosed ingredients in the covid vaccines

Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was published by at least 26 researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people (over two thirds of the human race), including children, apparently without their informed consent regarding the contents. Surprise findings include sharp-edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, crystalline formations, “microbubbles”, and possible self-assembling nanotechnology. The blood of people who have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines” appears, in case after case, to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded, with red blood cells typically in Rouleaux formation. Taken together, these 26 studies make a powerful case for the full force of scientific investigation to be brought to bear on the COVID-19 “vaccine” contents. If the findings of these 26 studies are confirmed, then the political implications are nothing short of revolutionary: a global crime against humanity has been committed, in which every government, every regulator, every establishment media organization, and all the professions have been complicit.

Below the link to the 26 studies


Spanish Researchers Declare: Covid-19 Is Caused by Graphene Oxide

Covid-19 is caused by Graphene Oxide introduced to the body through different routes

(Translated from Spanish)

La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach the largest number of people, especially those related to health and legal services, since the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.

In program nº63, the team showed some photos of the analyses carried out, specifically the results obtained by optical observation and transmission electron microscopy, reserving the results of other techniques used for future programs. They also announced that the report based on all the techniques carried out, which made it possible to determine the presence of graphene oxide

WORLD FIRST: ROBOTIC ARMS Assembling Via Nanotech Inside COVID-19 "Vaccines" - Filmed in Real Time - Dr. Nixon

Dr. David Nixon, a Brisbane GP, observed what appear to be mechanical arms assembling and disassembling glowing rectangular structures resembling circuitry and microchips.

Nixon has apparently shared what he saw with Wendy Hoy, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease at the University of Queensland in Australia. Recognized internationally for her multidisciplinary research and work in kidney and related chronic disease, Hoy has reportedly called on the Australian government and its health authorities to explain the apparent spontaneous formation of chips and circuitry in mRNA vaccines, and the abnormal objects that are claimed to have been seen in the blood of vaccinated people. It will be interesting to see what response she gets.

Do Nixon’s bizarre videos really show mechanical arms assembling and disassembling circuitry and microchips?

Dozens of Scientists around the World claim to have discovered Graphene & Nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines


The SGT Report channel on Brighteon.com shared a video (below) of Hope and Tivon from Fix the World Project Morocco discussing the technology in the Pfizer vaccines. The video showed small, basic shapes of rectangles, squares and circles that are floating within the company’s vaccine samples, which were found to form more complex structures when put in a car and exposed to heat.

Video below: Doctor Dead After Vaxx Discovery: Dr. Noack Dead After Locating Graphene Hydroxide

Video below: A group of South Korean doctors have banded together and now call themselves the "Korea Veritas Doctors for Covid 19." They have secured partial vials of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines, and upon close observation they claim to have observed "moving organism." Dr. Jane Ruby joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss.

Video below: Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots? New Zealand Scientists Have Also Found It. Watch below as Sue Grey Co-leader of Outdoors and Freedom Party and Dr Matt Shelton report findings to Parliament's Health Select Committee.

Austrian Research Group Presents Its Findings of Undeclared Components in the COVID-19 "Vaccines"

Here’s the picture of one drop of New Zealand’s Pfizer COMIRNATY “vaccine” under a cover slip, after it was inadvertently heated lightly, and viewed the same day through dark field microscopy at low magnification, projected onto a TV monitor

See many more pictures and videos at the following link

Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots?


A group of Australian Whistleblower scientists, doctors and researchers proving nanotechnology is in the COVID-19 vaccines, how this links to the transhumanist agenda, and what this means for humanity in light of the greater plan of The Great Reset.

Scientists worldwide claim all Covid-19 Vaccines contain Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide

Scientists have published an urgent review of the Covid-19 injections in which they claim to have discovered nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide in both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections, and both the AstraZeneca and Janssen viral vector injections. The new review backs up the findings of numerous other scientists from around the world.


What is in the Covid Vaccines?


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